#GOPPickupLines, in honor of VD (part 1)

A year ago, I boldly took my blackberry where it had no business going.

Namely, a blind date.

On Valentines Day (VD).

With a Republican*.

As Fate would have it, six months later I did find my current boyfriend, thanks to Twitter.  We met each other by accident, bonding over Chuck Norris and Wu Tang jokes, waiting for a big speech at a conference.  (I know, we’re dorks.)

But back to the trainwreck.

So in Part 1 of my homage to Twitter and Valentines Day, I give you archived tweets of #GOPpickuplines:

nerdette: ok peeps, I need #GOPpickuplines Any ideas? and no, I’m not wearing red tonight on my bipartisan #blinddate.

10:15 AM February 14, 2009

readergirl: @nerdette “meghan mcain is an inspiration to me” #GOPpickuplines

10:46 AM February 14, 2009

nerdette: RT @roadkillrefugee that’s a lovely shade of Boehner make-up you’re wearing. Or is that Oompa Loompa? #GOPpickuplines

10:51 AM February 14, 2009

techherding: I’d cross the aisle to caucus with you… #GOPpickuplines

10:54 AM February 14, 2009

jackilugg: @nerdette If you don’t like your GOP #blinddate, say “I’m sorry. I am very serious about my commitment to True Love Waits.” #GOPpickuplines

10:56 AM February 14, 2009

nerdette: heh. RT @keithbooe “Is that a waterboard in your pocket, or are you just really happy to see me?”. #GOPpickuplines

10:56 AM February 14, 2009

nerdette: RT @keviano I can see Russia from my house, too! #GOPpickuplines

11:01 AM February 14, 2009

shayera: “You know, in this light, you look just like Nancy Reagan.” #GOPpickuplines

11:01 AM February 14, 2009

joeschmitt: Don’t worry, I’m only a FISCAL conservative. #GOPpickuplines

11:09 AM February 14, 2009

zainyk: @nerdette “i want you more than jeff gannon wants scotty mclellan” #GOPpickuplines

11:55 AM February 14, 2009

@joeschmitt Your pants are in serious need of deregulation. #GOPpickuplines

11:59 AM February 14, 2009

@readergirl if things go well:”You can be the plumber, I’ll be Watergate” #GOPpickuplines

06:37 PM February 14, 2009

*My blind date played one on twitter, anyhow.

I’m trying to piece together what I could find of my blind date – so bear with me – it might take me until Sunday to pull it all together.  And I am seriously going CSI on this archival effort.  Let this be a cautionary tale to everyone – ARCHIVE YOUR STUFF! You never know when you’ll want to look back on your personal inanity.


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