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A year ago, I boldly took my blackberry where it had no business going.

Namely, a blind date.

On Valentines Day (VD).

With a Republican*.

As Fate would have it, six months later I did find my current boyfriend, thanks to Twitter.  We met each other by accident, bonding over Chuck Norris and Wu Tang jokes, waiting for a big speech at a conference.  (I know, we’re dorks.)

But back to the trainwreck.

So in Part 1 of my homage to Twitter and Valentines Day, I give you archived tweets of #GOPpickuplines: Continue Reading »


I am a chump for a good love story. For a rational human being, I have the most irrational way of choosing whom to vote for – I vote for the person who loves their spouse the most. I realize most people don’t think about that stuff, unless there’s a scandal brewing. But are we not most vulnerable and exposed when it comes to who we choose to spend a majority of our lives with? [I gathered an updated roundup of Huffington Post’s Photos of the four candidates and their spouses at the end of this post, so you can judge for yourself!]

I was a Hillary supporter. In fact, the birth of this blog was that I would not shut up about how Hillary was My Gal and Sarah Palin was NOT my gal. Continue Reading »