Keep yer damn politics out of my SuperBowl

While many are fuming over the recent Supreme Court case lifting restrictions on political campaign contributions, I’m obsessed with a different kind of gross corporate advocacy. It’s no secret that CBS sold a Super Bowl ad spot to the arch-conservative group Focus on the Family.  While they claim the ad won’t be overtly pro-life, I’m guessing it won’t be overt like you can’t be a little bit preggers.

It’s actually not the spirit of the ad that’s ticking me off so much.  Yes, I’m a staunch pro-choice advocate.  Yes, I vote, support and on occasion work for Democrats.  I’m angry because Focus on the Family ruined a perfectly good non-political event.

You might wonder why a liberal-ish political hack (I’d like to call myself a campaign midwife) would like being in a place dominated by outsized egos, big belt buckles and the worship of pigskin.  Here’s why: being a Liberal in an ultra-red state is liberating. Why? You don’t have to talk about work.  And just like making small talk about the weather (no trivial matter in a state where a good downpour washes out bridges), EVERYONE talks football in Texas. I’ve seen total strangers bond in a moment at the grocery store because someone’s son was wearing a Tony Romo jersey.  My East Coast friends are stunned at the done-up ladies at the pharmacy, having a serious rehash of the game last night.  You can buy all forms of tshirts, beer koozies and tote bags in burnt orange with the Horns (University of Texas) at any local store or gas station.

Best of all, if you can speak rudimentary football, you can make instant friends.  It gives you something to bond over, something to kick around, something to smack talk about.  It is the common touchstone here in Texas.  And it’s not controversial in the way abortion, global warming, gun control, religion or race relations is.  Everyone is welcome in the Church of Football. It. Is. Awesome.

So while I already disliked Tebow for irrational reasons (adopting the Burnt Orange/ University of Texas partisanship), I also dislike Tebow for ruining a perfectly good Sunday.  I want to sit around, masquerade as one of WhoDat nation (due to physical proximity and natural support-the-underdog preferences), and eat nachos while watching Drew Brees’s sweet little butt knock the spit out of the Indianapolis Colts.  Tim Tebow, you little diva, you may not make it into the NFL and I don’t care what the story is about you and your mom.  That’s your business.  I just want to watch a good football game, get hammered and make out with my boyfriend.  If I wanted to go somewhere and be judged or have opinions rammed down my throat, I’d go to the Baptist church on the corner.  Butt out of my Superbowl Sunday.  And thank the little baby Jesus for the mute button on the remote.

Please consider joining me in the petitions out to protest Tim Tebow being a fricking drama queen.

Sign the petition via twitter.

68,609 other people signed this petition asking CBS to not air the ad.

Feminist Majority has a petition against the ad as well.

Also you can report the commercial as being in violation of FCC rules.


  1. Ahhh!!!! I loved this post so much! I can especially relate to this part:

    “being a Liberal in an ultra-red state is liberating.”

    I TOTALLY agree with this. And agree with what you said, re: ruining a perfectly good non-political event. Argh on so many levels, and I’m not even a football fan. I’m just envisioning strangers happily watching the Super Bowl together in some bar somewhere, making bets, playfully trading jabs…and then the FOF commercial comes on. Cue awkward silence.

    Do you keep up with Mean Rachel? You probably do already, but if not, you’d love her stuff.

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