Voices from the Battleground

It’s 2am and I should get to bed, but I wanted to quickly tell you what we’re up to. My head’s spinning a little from the debate still.  A group of us women in battleground states got together and decided to vlog what we were thinking.  Really, vlog is the ugliest word ever, but it means video blog, so video media instead of just words.  Our sisters will be posting dispatches from the field in states including Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Washington, D.C. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to participate.

Biden and Palin faced off for the only VP debate.

We’re treating it as an experiment on exploring authentic women’s voices.  There’s all sorts of data and polling out there about the woman voter, but what do women really want? What are they looking for when they vote?  And how do they really feel about Sarah Palin? (and other women or lack of women in elected office.)  Does her hair up or down really mean something besides cosmetic frivolity? (I noticed Gov. Palin might be wearing a banana clip.  As the proud daughter of a hairdresser, that’s just tacky.)  Whether observations are analytical, whimsical or profound, our opinions matter.  So our project hopes to put a human and woman face on all the spin.


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