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So besides the State of the Union, two on-going wars, Haiti post-earthquake recovery, and our country’s economy going down the shitter, Apple released a new electronic trinket.  They call it … (and unless you live under a rock you already know this….) the iPad.

That’s right.

The unfortunate misnomer ranks up there with Crystal Pepsi, this political ad, and this racist nickname for a holiday party.

Granted, it was an excuse to laugh about being on the rag all day.  Trending topics included iTampon and a variety of other riffs, as well as major twitter smackdown on “lady-time” jokes. Continue Reading »


I’ve thrown around this phrase “third-wave feminist” a bit. What does it mean? It generally refers to the next wave of women, starting in the 1990s, who are redefining and moving the agenda of women forward. But what the hell does that mean? I’d like to think it means this:

Feminist 3.0: Anyone (regardless of gender) who is proudly Pro-Choice, fights to protect the health, safety and well-being of women and healthy families, and is for Equal Pay for Equal Work. Continue Reading »

It’s 2am and I should get to bed, but I wanted to quickly tell you what we’re up to. My head’s spinning a little from the debate still.  A group of us women in battleground states got together and decided to vlog what we were thinking.  Really, vlog is the ugliest word ever, but it means video blog, so video media instead of just words.  Our sisters will be posting dispatches from the field in states including Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Washington, D.C. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to participate.

Biden and Palin faced off for the only VP debate.

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