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An article on the Hotline crossed my inbox the other day – a lamenting blog post on how the Grand Old Patriarchy Party is short on recruiting women into their candidate bench.  (Pardon me while I dissolve into a giggle fit.)  Women are still vastly underrepresented in Congress – in fact in the 111th Congress, only 17% are women, regardless of party identification.  But the idea that Republican Party is LAMENTING the lack of women among their ranks makes about as much sense as a vegetarian large-game hunter sad about not taking down Bambi.

Let’s consider the facts:

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A friend of mine passed me a new site called Our Greatest Fear. It has this ad they’re going to start running in swing states.

It’s powerful stuff.  The ad – which is factually accurate, underscoring Senator McCain’s age – makes me worry about the damage this woman’s candidacy is doing to future women candidates. Continue Reading »