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An article on the Hotline crossed my inbox the other day – a lamenting blog post on how the Grand Old Patriarchy Party is short on recruiting women into their candidate bench.  (Pardon me while I dissolve into a giggle fit.)  Women are still vastly underrepresented in Congress – in fact in the 111th Congress, only 17% are women, regardless of party identification.  But the idea that Republican Party is LAMENTING the lack of women among their ranks makes about as much sense as a vegetarian large-game hunter sad about not taking down Bambi.

Let’s consider the facts:

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Some academics at the University of Florida published a study today that really burns my butt has some interesting findings.

Apparently Sarah Palin proves to the world that if you’re good-looking you can’t be smart, competent or be in executive political leadership.  But hey, how can 133 college students be wrong, right? Even if it flies in the face of the scientific method.

I totally disagree with the findings of this study, because I’d like to offer:

Exhibit A: Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm

Exhibit B: Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (we miss you, lady!)

Exhibit C: Governor Ann Richards, who observed during her 1988 Democratic National Convention keynote address that “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” (I miss her a lot, too! Such sass!)

Exhibit D: Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland

Exhibit E: Benazir Bhutto. (we miss you, too, sister) the first elected woman to lead Pakistan and twice was their Prime Minister.

Exhibit F: Michelle Obama.  She’s not elected but you better believe she’s got the full package and is highly influential.

And what about Exhibit G: Jennifer Brunner – currently Ohio’s Secretary of State?  This woman is beautiful and courageous.

There are so many more!! We’ll update later.

Yeah.  That one. posted a list today (in honor of March being Women’s History month) ranking the Top 100 Women of history.   Madonna Ciccone is listed as #1, outranking her style icon Marilyn Monroe, and um, CLEOPATRA.  You can find the author Jone Johnson Lewis‘s ranking methodology here and she makes it clear through her clever italics that it’s based on internet searches.  Well. Alrighty then.  The Interwebs are never wrong, and this post is brought to you by the letters S, E and O.

So let’s think about this — modern poptart turned major business entertainment megastar outranks the sole leader of Egyptian Empire.  (ps – where’s Queen Elizabeth? #22.)  Where’s my gal Hillary Clinton? #15 which isn’t too bad.

I prefer Jill’s list to the one, but hey, everyone’s a critic.

And more importantly – guess who didn’t make the list?


Martin Rice

Photo Credit: Martin Rice

Well, that was fun.  So my friend elledub08 and I decided we’d spend our Saturday night gawking at President Obama, Gov. Sarah Palin and 200 of the most powerful political folks in DC.  They were getting together for the Alfalfa Club Dinner, an annual tribute to Robert E. Lee – named after a plant that “will do anything for a drink”.

After a failed attempt to crash the gate, we live tweeted the shenanigans from the sidewalk across the street.  More after the jump, including elledub08‘s thoughts on attendee’s fashion choices, and whether she’s ever go to the dinner herself. Continue Reading »

8:50 – Laptop, check.  CNN, check.  Huge glass of red wine to help me tolerate Sarah for a full hour, check.

9:00 – Damn Larry jumped right in, brought up Stevens and asked her if she wants to be Senator.  Ha! Oh and she completely did not answer.

9:05 – She is rambling and speaking in the third person.  I better get the bottle.

9:08 – All ready asked if she is running for President.  She will take the challenge on if it is the right time, love Alaska.  Oh crap this women wants to run for President.

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If it is anything like this, this, or this – I will have a ton to talk about.  Come back and check it out tonight.

Pilly Spice not pictured.  For the "Anti-Girl Power" North American Tour.

Pilly Spice not pictured; on the "Anti-Girl Power" Tour.

Well folks, it’s the Friday before the election, and we’re all Getting Out The Vote. And just like a bug up your butt or sand in your lady bits, nothing has been as irritating as one Governor Sarah Heath Palin. For the last Palin-soaked LOL roundup, we give you a few of the best vids and sites. Enjoy! And don’t worry, we’ll still be here after the election. So many ways to define feminism, so little time. Continue Reading »

A friend of mine passed me a new site called Our Greatest Fear. It has this ad they’re going to start running in swing states.

It’s powerful stuff.  The ad – which is factually accurate, underscoring Senator McCain’s age – makes me worry about the damage this woman’s candidacy is doing to future women candidates. Continue Reading »

My final video from the Palin Protest.  I followed up with one of the protesters by asking one simple question – if you could ask her one question, what would it be?  I could insert a rant here about why Palin is not taking voter questions but at this point, I think everyone knows it is never going to happen.

Eight days till the election – get out there and volunteer!!

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