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If it is anything like this, this, or this – I will have a ton to talk about.  Come back and check it out tonight.


“No one lost today….Today is a victory for our country…”

My favorite not my gal Hasselbeck throws her support behind President-Elect Obama.  It starts three minutes in and is something I thought I would never see.

A protester jumped at the chance to explain why Sarah Palin is not her girl and why she came out to tell her so.

More video (including our friend above talking about what questions she would ask the Governor if she had the chance), photos, and my two cents on the whole day to follow.

Blog Her DC pictures

I kinda feel like I just got a box of new toys. BlogHer DC was that fun.

I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to BlogHer DC Reach Out Tour. It was refreshing to hang out with a bunch of sassy bloggers in a place where there was no cell or blackberry signal!

Perhaps it is gender braggadocio (thanks @cheeky_geeky) but I love hanging with the gals, especially the fellow nerdettes. Continue Reading »

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano recently stumped for the Obama campaign in Reno, Nevada as part of an economic town hall sponsored by the University of Nevada, Reno Students for Obama. State Treasurer Kate Marshall summarized the state of the current state budget and then introduced Napolitano to a small crowd in the theater of the new Joe Crowley Student Union.

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She makes me so mad.

After looking at word clouds I started thinking about Gov. Palin’s speeches and use of language. While not a perfect comparison, I did wonder how her word use would match up against Senator Clinton’s speech. This is likely inspired by a story I saw on how Clinton Supporters don’t like Palin.

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The fabulous Myrna the Minx from Reno and It’s Discontents captured some reactions to Gov. Sarah Palin. Myrna also talked to one of her local Congressional candidates, Jill Derby, who let us know why Gov. Palin is Not Her Gal. And she also mentions her favorite Supreme Court case – maybe she should be Vice President some day!

It’s 2am and I should get to bed, but I wanted to quickly tell you what we’re up to. My head’s spinning a little from the debate still.  A group of us women in battleground states got together and decided to vlog what we were thinking.  Really, vlog is the ugliest word ever, but it means video blog, so video media instead of just words.  Our sisters will be posting dispatches from the field in states including Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Washington, D.C. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to participate.

Biden and Palin faced off for the only VP debate.

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