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My final video from the Palin Protest.  I followed up with one of the protesters by asking one simple question – if you could ask her one question, what would it be?  I could insert a rant here about why Palin is not taking voter questions but at this point, I think everyone knows it is never going to happen.

Eight days till the election – get out there and volunteer!!


what does it mean??

Nothing shows your devotion to a candidate like coming to a rally with a homemade sign — Then having to leave it outside because the campaign is afraid you are going to write something else on it once you are inside and protest.

Because God forbid someone holds a protest in front of Gov. Palin.  We would not want to depress her.  More pictures from the event below.

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I checked the blog stats today and was blown away by how many folks are digging our little project here. Thank you for showing us love! As a thank you gift, I broke away from my piles of work to share a small little clip from the Palin protest here on Wednesday.

How much do you love her sign?

I was taking a dinner break to sort the hundreds of pictures I took yesterday at the Weirs Beach event.  This was the last picture.

It sent a bit of a chill down my spine.  You are soo not my gal.

A protester jumped at the chance to explain why Sarah Palin is not her girl and why she came out to tell her so.

More video (including our friend above talking about what questions she would ask the Governor if she had the chance), photos, and my two cents on the whole day to follow.

And I have ALOT to share.  Check back tomorrow.