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After 37 minutes of deliberation, a jury yesterday found Dr. Tiller’s murderer guilty of first degree homicide.  I couldn’t watch the livetweeting of this case, but the verdict gave me a small and important measure of comfort.  In a world that wants us to think the pro-lifers are winning the culture wars, its validating to be reminded that not everyone has lost their minds.  I’ve written here about my confrontations with pro-life protesters, but I’d like to explain why this case means so much to me.

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If you ever want me to do something, just tell me not to do it. It might be my stubborn nature or because I’m open to trying just about anything – especially if I think there’s any chance it might help someone out. But don’t ever tell me not to try.

Image from the Huffington Post

That’s a pretty self-serving way to open a blog post, but I’m talking about the petition for Laura and Euna – to free these two journalists that are being detained and were just sentenced to 12 years in a prison in North Korea.  Some folks at Care 2 started the petition for Laura and Euna, and I decided to push it around via Twitter.

What surprised immediately was two things – how much immediate hating I got from others on twitter, and how fast the petition got retweeted. (Thanks for those that did retweet the petition.)

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