Yes You Can Have Beauty and Brains

Some academics at the University of Florida published a study today that really burns my butt has some interesting findings.

Apparently Sarah Palin proves to the world that if you’re good-looking you can’t be smart, competent or be in executive political leadership.  But hey, how can 133 college students be wrong, right? Even if it flies in the face of the scientific method.

I totally disagree with the findings of this study, because I’d like to offer:

Exhibit A: Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm

Exhibit B: Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (we miss you, lady!)

Exhibit C: Governor Ann Richards, who observed during her 1988 Democratic National Convention keynote address that “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” (I miss her a lot, too! Such sass!)

Exhibit D: Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland

Exhibit E: Benazir Bhutto. (we miss you, too, sister) the first elected woman to lead Pakistan and twice was their Prime Minister.

Exhibit F: Michelle Obama.  She’s not elected but you better believe she’s got the full package and is highly influential.

And what about Exhibit G: Jennifer Brunner – currently Ohio’s Secretary of State?  This woman is beautiful and courageous.

There are so many more!! We’ll update later.


  1. urbzen

    Holy crap, at first I thought that last photo was of Alison Janney as CJ Cregg. Anyhow, I love them both!

  2. Thanks for writing this and really, all your posts. I love this blog.

  3. Great post! We need to realize that women are far more complex than stereotypes lead us to believe.

    Also, Granholm is my govna.

  1. 1 digg » Blog Archive » Pretty = Dumb? Now, That’s Just Stupid.

    […] are plenty of pretty women who can support the idea that beauty and brains can go hand in hand (see here and here) but what is most important, is that we change the way society communicates these values […]

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