Madonna? Really?

Yeah.  That one. posted a list today (in honor of March being Women’s History month) ranking the Top 100 Women of history.   Madonna Ciccone is listed as #1, outranking her style icon Marilyn Monroe, and um, CLEOPATRA.  You can find the author Jone Johnson Lewis‘s ranking methodology here and she makes it clear through her clever italics that it’s based on internet searches.  Well. Alrighty then.  The Interwebs are never wrong, and this post is brought to you by the letters S, E and O.

So let’s think about this — modern poptart turned major business entertainment megastar outranks the sole leader of Egyptian Empire.  (ps – where’s Queen Elizabeth? #22.)  Where’s my gal Hillary Clinton? #15 which isn’t too bad.

I prefer Jill’s list to the one, but hey, everyone’s a critic.

And more importantly – guess who didn’t make the list?



  1. LOL I really do think the importance of who isn’t on the list should not be understated. 🙂

  1. 1 Top 100 (and then some) Women in History : Writes Like She Talks

    […] Not My Gal makes a some observations about the #1 Woman in History as well as about who didn’t make the list. var […]

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