Your Gal/Not Your Gal of the Week?

We’ve decided to add a new weekly feature to NotMyGal — we’re going to start the Gal/NotGal of the week. A woman making you want to fling poo in their general direction?  A woman that inspires you to keep your fists up?  Let us know (and for purposes of inclusiveness – you can add your own, but we’re aiming more for people who’s been in the public eye for the last week.)

On Friday, we will LOL-ify the Gals and Not our Gals, and include them in the weekly round up.

Thanks for helping us figure out who are our Heroines (our Gals) and who are the knuckleheads (Not our Gals) and please leave us comments and suggestions on how we can improve this.

This week’s nominees are:


  1. urbzen

    Can I nominate airhead-queen and faux journalist Diane Mapes for Not My Gal o the week, even though she’s not on the list? That woman makes my teeth itch.

  2. if not this week, maybe we can add her to next week’s vote 🙂 Teeth itching is pretty bad.

  1. 1 Lilly gets dissed. AGAIN. And 14 babies is too much. « NOT MY GAL

    […] Your Gal/Not Your Gal of the Week? […]

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