Gawking at the Alfalfa Club Dinner

Martin Rice

Photo Credit: Martin Rice

Well, that was fun.  So my friend elledub08 and I decided we’d spend our Saturday night gawking at President Obama, Gov. Sarah Palin and 200 of the most powerful political folks in DC.  They were getting together for the Alfalfa Club Dinner, an annual tribute to Robert E. Lee – named after a plant that “will do anything for a drink”.

After a failed attempt to crash the gate, we live tweeted the shenanigans from the sidewalk across the street.  More after the jump, including elledub08‘s thoughts on attendee’s fashion choices, and whether she’s ever go to the dinner herself.

After splashy talk about Gov. Palin’s new PAC and attendance at this swanky black-tie affair, I couldn’t help but consider spending a few hours rubbernecking at the event.  (The real inside scoop was being live-tweeted by one of the attendees.)

I’m not too jaded to say it was fun to watch the limousines and tuxes roll by, as well as test our knowledge of the political glitterati.  Despite not making it in to the hotel bar, someone managed to catch Gov. Palin in her dinner finery (and yes, she did look very sharp).  

After gawking and applauding for a few hours, elledub08 and I decided to head to a bar around the corner and defrost our toes.  I caught some of her thoughts on the fashion, the hoopla, and whether or not she’d ever attend the dinner someday. 

More coverage on the Alfalfa Dinner at Huffington Post, Jack and Jill Politics, and a slew of other places.


  1. Great picture—admire the photoshopping skillz. Thanks for enduring the cold.

  2. I just noticed on McCaskill’s twitter stream that Vernon Jordan was there.

  3. I’ve been *waiting* for this post. Your live tweeting was excellent. Thanks for going, you two.

  4. readergirl

    you guys did great tweeting that night! i got a huge kick out of it!

  5. steelergurl

    Nice work live tweeting. I got a kick out of it – definitely entertaining. Thanks for braving the cold…and next time, i wanna come too 🙂

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    […] Nerdette over at NotMyGal convinced me to spend my Saturday night watching the arrivals to the Alfalfa Club Dinner, a dinner […]

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