Here we go STEELERS!

Its not a Superbowl without a Terrible Towel

Terrible Towel Time!

So here’s the thing: I love football. I can’t lie – I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to the technical aspects of the game.  But I am enthusiastic in my ignorance, and I learn a lot from watching teams.  I’m an organizational-behavioral dork – my nickname is Nerdette, for goodness sake.

But what’s the greatest reason for rooting for the Steelers this weekend? Turns out the Cardinals have a quarterback who is married to Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Ah, the pummeling this weekend is going to be so much sweeter!

I’m learning slowly all the ins and outs of plays, and for some reason I’m a huge fan of Tony Dungy even though I was never a Colts fan.  I learned a lot from Quiet Strength – again, about team building and the chain of which coach begat which coach.  But so much of what makes a great team on the football field can be transferred to political campaigns, companies, academia – any thing that involves pulling together a bunch of people with diverse skills.  There’s a reason why Pacino’s speech in Any Given Sunday pulls me out of a dark depression every time I watch it.

I love that the NFL and other smart capitalists are realizing that football fandom includes men AND women.  I can’t remember when I started seeing ads for women’s apparel for football fans.  (Maybe last year’s Superbowl?)  It shows that merchandisers are realizing that not all supportive wives and girlfriends of football fans are around to just make Superbowl snacks.  Some of us love of the game, and thank goodness we don’t have to swim in dude-sized jerseys anymore.  (And come on – hot dudes running around in spandex beating the crap out of each other?  What’s not to love?)

If you’re on Twitter, a few good profiles to watch are NFL_Cardinals and NFL_Steelers. (Not sure if they’re official Twitter accounts.)  I’m also going to be following Steelergurl and cardstweets.

And the best site for Twitter commentary? Twitter Bowl 2009 – a great way to watch a running feed of football fans on twitter, commentating and trash-talking.  Yumm-o!

Let’s enjoy the twitter smackdown! (Oh yeah, and the game, too!)


[Editor’s Note: I found the picture of the Steerlers fan at Everybody Loves Free Stuff, which is a great site.  The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own (and possibly shared by other Steelers fans.)  They do not express the opinions of Everybody Loves Free Stuff and I used the pic with permission from the guy who runs it.  Also I realize this post is a little off-topic since it’s not loving or hating women figures in politics, but I think loving the NFL and slightly objectifying men is a highly feminist activity.  Moreover, I hope the Steelers make Elizabeth Hasselbeck cry by beating the shit out of her husband’s team.  Yeah. I said it.]


  1. Mike

    Ok, I’m in. Go Steelers!

  2. m.anne

    I just found out last night the Superbowl is this weekend. But if rooting for the Steelers will ruin Hasselbeck’s day – I will be watching.

  3. I have always loved football. More so than the men in my life typically. I’m a Vikings fan though which leads me with not much to root for here. I am cheering for the Cardinals only because it would be nice to see them win their first ring, but I do see the Hassleback reference now and might have to reconsider. lol

    I love that teams have started adding female sizes at their store. I finally own a Vikings shirt that fits me and I’m aiming to buy a Peterson jersey for women as well. ^_^

  4. Peterson has mad skills, such a talented athlete.

    (Thanks for stopping by, Trina!! 🙂

  5. Another reason to like the steelers, the owner was an early Obama supporter. And my husband, a huge fan.

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