recession: you’re doing it wrong


524,000 jobs were cut in the United States; the highest number in 16 years. Those of us lucky enough to still have jobs find ourselves worried about when the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan.  I cut down on extravagant purchases (example: look but don’t buy those Miu Miu sequined pumps), buy less Starbucks, eat out only once a month and bring my lunch to work.  You know, baby steps towards fiscal responsibility; the kind of actions rational beings would take after watching even three minutes of news in the last five months.

So what the heck is wrong with these women? Meet the Ladies of ‘Dating a Banker Anonymous’ or DABA.

They are all completely missing the point. There is absolutely no way that they can be serious. These women are collectively bemoaning the loss of the superficial , excessive spoils that they enjoyed as pampered girlfriends of, in their own terms “Finance guy Boyfriends”

Really, ladies? Is this really where you want to be putting your efforts nowadays? Creating communities where you can sit around and sip cosmos and reminisce about the good old days when you had free access to Bergdorf’s and your boyfriends’ black Amex-s (really now?) Don’t get me wrong: everyone needs a sense of community but what about turning lemons into lemonade, ladies? Why not take this opportunity to empower yourselves and give each other a wake up call. There are families out there who can’t feed their kids or make their mortgage payments and you’re worrying about not getting enough attention or money from your significant others.

Cry me a freaking river.

Why are they relying on others to provide them with the things that they need (or, actually, want) in the first place? Why is this such a deal breaker for these ladies? I am sure that these are educated, competent women so why aren’t they trying (Mary Tyler Moore style) to make it on their own?

I will tell you why: because they grew up in a (non) culture that exalted conspicuous consumption; a culture that revered brand names and those who decorated themselves with them. And it’s that culture that landed us in this mess. Well guess what kids….the dream is over. The sun has set on your version of “Sex and the City” and its time for you to strike out on your own. (Which maybe they will if these rumors of a possible book deal are true. But, in the words of Fashionistaif you’re smart enough to land a job at one of the country’s top magazines, you probably could’ve penned a book on your own merit, not your boyfriend’s financial downfall.”)

I wish these women no harm. It is my sincere hope that these women will find the means to live happily and independently within reason. But please…don’t try to garner sympathy for your non existent plight. Learn a lesson or two from your finance friends: it’s every man (and woman) for his- (or her-) self and you better get ready to carry your Balenciaga bag for yourself for a change.


  1. You’re nicer than me. These DABA girls make me stabby.

    Yeah, I said it.

  2. readergirl

    they make me want to go all mother on them,grab them by the ear and put them in time out

  3. Boohoo – at least they don’t have to be worried about being killed like Mexican Druglord’s wives:

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