She’s back….


Yes, I do not understand either.  Today Sarah Palin launched a PAC, a major step for a 2012 bid for President.  And I guess she has a Facebook page.

Insert scream here.

People allow me to rant.

Most politicians would slink back to their home state and lay low after a disastrous campaign.  Take sometime, run the state, write a book in a few years.  Hell, the Kate Couric interview alone would make a person reexamine there career choice.

But not Governor Palin.  She is starting a national PAC and rumored to want 11 million dollars to write a book!

I mean do I really have to repeat all the awful, stupid, irresponsible things she said/did?  Her abuse of power as Governor during Troopergate?  180,000 dollars for designer clothes?  Drill Baby Drill?? Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Making rape victims pay for their own rape kits??

Let’s start a PAC to stop SarahPAC. And let’s remind people why Sarah Palin is dangerous for our country.


  1. I’m down. I wonder if the lovelies at Women Against Palin would be in as well…

  2. this doesn’t even make sense. donate?! to what?! this woman sucks. so hard.

  3. pat

    Let her go! She’s her own worse enemy, and if this is the best the Republican party has then let her go full blast ahead!

  4. An outstanding idea. I will be happIy to provide you with my credit card number just so long as will be receiving the usual PAC membership bumper sticker and embroidered tote bag 😉

  5. Brooke

    This woman scares the crap out of me! How can we make her just go away.

    Starting an organization to encourage people that think like her?

    We thought we had problems BEFORE?! Heaven help us!!!

  6. Gov. Palin is very ambitious, and frankly, it is her right to raise money – I think there are Republicans that might support her.

    That’s not exclusive to some of us raising money _against_ her as well.

    Also, it lets us still have a reason to make SarahLOLs. 🙂

  7. As worse as Obama with his ties to Blago and the corrupt Chicago political machine? I don’t think so. Sarah has my support for 2012 🙂

  8. Zion

    I agree with Pat. Be cautious, but do not give her publicity by giving the appearance that all we have time to do is attack her. Remember, her sort of candidate is outdated. Let her go full steam ahead so that Obama can get re-elected.

  9. Utah Liberal

    Re: David from NOVA
    “As worse as” really? With grammar like that I guess you would be stupid enough to vote for her.

  10. Valerie McGill

    You know, I’m one woman, who has two young adult daughters, who is very excited about Sarah Palin staying in the forefront of politics and that she is starting her political action committee. Both my daughters voted for Sarah Palin and all of us respect her. She represents our values. Try and realize that alot of women have conservative values and believe in the worth of unborn babies. Unborn babies may not have a voice but they do have value. We believe that the words of the Bible were inspired by God himself and that the truths of the Bible lead us to make the choices we make. We can’t accept all the ways of the liberals because alot of them are against our beliefs. We can’t change our beliefs just to make the people from the gay agenda happy. We hold true to our beliefs and our values. Not to be mean or intolerant, but because we belief the Bible is true and doesn’t change with the times. Unless you are a true Christian, and believe the Bible is true, I guess you just can’t understand why we don’t accept everyone elses truths. There is only one Truth, and we believe you find it through God and his word.

  11. David is entitled to his opinion. Although I disagree that Obama is at all tied to Blago, and again – the point of this post and discussion is to talk about raising $$ against SarahPAC.

    C’mon Utah Liberal – let’s not be grammar police. Will you help us organize a response to SarahPAC? 🙂

  12. Where do I send my blank check?

  13. John Mortick

    Judging by the intelligent looking people in the picture, I think I would go for Sarah over the drunks.

  14. John, That’s her posse of marauding hordes. 🙂 or possibly her kitchen cabinet.

  15. m.anne

    Valerie – can we also consider that as Governor Palin has cut funding for young families and an orphanage? I would hope conservative values would include helping the neediest members in our society. Being pro-life should not end at birth and Palin’s policies do not support healthy families.

  16. SLJ

    As a Christian, I am so thankful that we no longer have Bush in the White House and that we didn’t get McCain/Palin. Hello? Who cheated on his wife? McCain. Who couldn’t answer with conviction about his faith? McCain. Who doesn’t support social responsibility (sex education, prosecution of rapists, etc.)? Palin.

    Please do not link her to Christianity; her values do not match much of what is in the New Testament.

  17. mikerucker

    actually, i think we should all be contributing. nothing will ensure an obama victory in 2012 more than sarah palin becoming the face of the republican party. her appeal is so narrow (and to the narrow-minded) that obama would get an absolute landslide were sarah to be nominated.

    mike rucker
    fairburn, georgia, usa

  18. Yes, and I also feel like the interest for Gov. Palin exposes something the Democratic party needs to work on as well. Starting in 2012 and in 2016 we’re going to have the largest number of college educated women voters our country has ever seen (I have to find the source on that, but I’m fairly certain it’s true.) I hope to see the Democratic Party cultivating and putting forth great women leaders in the party.

  19. Savanna

    please don’t donate money to this, There has to be another front runner for her party. Alaskans are counting down the days to get her out of the governor’s office. I’m conservative but I don’t make it a point to push my beliefs on someone else .. Sarah Palin just GO AWAY QUIETLY.

  20. Zion

    Savanna, thank you. I am a black Republican, and McCain/Palin did not earn my vote. One thing that women need to understand that figures such as Palin has made it more difficult for women to be taken seriously in the political arena. Honestly, I don’t reject Palin because of her pro-life stance, I reject her because of her refusal to educate herself on issues relevant to the American people, and her unapologetic ignorance that she continues to display. As a black American, I watched her speak at rallies where the participants screamed, “Kill Him,” and “Terrorists,” without any correction from her. She, as an American, did not step up. Many of you try to talk about her as a woman, what about it?

  21. I’m sure there are allot of rumors going around about Sarah Palin did this and Sarah Palin did that. Before you make statements about terrible things she’s said to have done, I think you should hear her side of it. I always like to hear both sides of an issue before I form an opinion about some heresay.

  22. Sandra Day

    I have mixed feelings about going after Palin. Like you, I feel she is totally inept, but I am not sure any organization can counter that. There are too many people like Valerie McGill out there–nice people, who think any election is ONLY about one or two issues, abortion being the main one. I almost think the best thing to do would be to ignore her until she makes the big announcement; then, she would be fair game. On the one hand, I cannot for the life of me see anyone other than the rightwinger’s rightwinger voting for her. But, I am old enough to know how quickly a group of people, even millions, can get seduced. Oddly, I think Palin’s biggest enemy may be what is now one of her best assests–her looks. She sure has a lot of men saying, “She’s Hot.” But, by 2012, her looks may be fading. Menopause and stress will do that do you. By 2016, ?

  23. Valerie – this isn’t rumor, this is fact from her time served as Governor. Her budget cuts negatively effected teenage mothers, cut spending for mentally disabled children and cut spending for schools. That’s why many of us disagree with her.

    Also, again – our post is here to start a discussion about raising funds that won’t go to SarahPAC. We welcome dialogue, but this is not a place be accusatory of the authors or patrons of this blog. We thank you for reading us, and hope you find a blog-home that is more in line with your views. We respect you ability to express views, and we hope you do the same.

  24. Sandra – thanks for stopping by.

    The community here is thinking about what we’d do if we did raise money against SarahPAC. One idea is to – similar to Emily’s List, the bipartisan Women’c Campaign Forum and other groups – raise money for women candidates.

  25. I like the idea of raising money for female candidates whose views of the world are diametrically opposed to Palin’s.

    IMO ignoring Palin is not a wise option.

  26. stellababette

    I think she has more support from her party than anyone of us care to imagine. I agree with Carmen D. Ignoring her is not wise. Accepting her is not wise. Is this the new face of feminine power?

  27. Helene S.

    let her run…let them rally around her…and let them lose again for another 8 years. she is the ugliest part of the republican party and i want her right in front of their faces.

  28. Brenda

    Let’s concentrate on now, 2009 when we have been take hostage by the Obama cult. We have a tax cheat as the Secretary of Treasury for God’s sake! A great role model. At least Sarah pays her taxes.

  29. Helen – I would agree she’s let her supporters say some ugly things. Any way we could change our critique to be less personal? I would not vote for her, but having seen enough campaigns up close and personal, it does take an enormous amount of energy to run. How do we make the critique less about personality and more about policy?

  30. stellababette – thanks for commenting and stopping by. You raise a really interesting question – I’ve heard from (unnamed) Republicans that they disagree with Gov. Palin as much as I and maybe you do — I wonder about other women Republicans — particularly pro-choice Republicans who have tested campaign chops — who didn’t get the VP nod. I wonder how they feel.

  31. Brenda – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I think we’re making an effort to keep this dialogue less about personality. I think there are a lot of people – including electeds and members of both Adminstrations who are guilty of not paying taxes. Gov. Palin paying (or not paying) her taxes is still an open question and her tax returns have been less than transparent. I wonder what other role models – particularly of women in power – can we look to on both sides of the political aisle?

  32. Great idea, start “Not My Gals” and raise money for candidates that take thoughtful positions and who don’t play with vikings.

  33. kmcsaks

    I’m in for a anti-SP PAC. That woman has done more to derail modern feminism in the past six months than any other woman I can think of in the past five years.

    Plus she’s terribly annoying.

  34. Times

    What’s wrong with Vikings? 😦


    I am a working female professional who has worked too hard in a male dominated field to accept Sarah Palin as a role model.

    WHERE IS THE RESPECT?! It’s the hardest thing to achieve and the easiest thing to loose.

    Her actions and the views of her own self proclaimed compatriots—at least in my little slice of reality, are dim and mocking at best. As it’s been said before, women behaving in a manner, as she’s displayed publicly and repetitively, set honest hard working women back and THAT not OK. If you don’t want you and your life scrutinized, stop stepping in the lime light. She was not thrown into this position, she of her own free will decided to put herself into it.

    —End VENT—

    Raising money for candidates that reflect the values of the members of this blog (and others) is a great plan, especially since I stand to agree with Carmen…addressing a situation which presents itself (even this early) should be viewed as a gift, the opposing party has most graciously given us a reminder that it is never too early to address future campaigns, persons of interest, and networking on a ground level. 🙂

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