Sarah Palin on Larry King Live

8:50 – Laptop, check.  CNN, check.  Huge glass of red wine to help me tolerate Sarah for a full hour, check.

9:00 – Damn Larry jumped right in, brought up Stevens and asked her if she wants to be Senator.  Ha! Oh and she completely did not answer.

9:05 – She is rambling and speaking in the third person.  I better get the bottle.

9:08 – All ready asked if she is running for President.  She will take the challenge on if it is the right time, love Alaska.  Oh crap this women wants to run for President.

9:11 – Couric is back up and she is sticking to the “what do you read up in Alaska” story.  Governor she asked what sources you get your news from, we all know that. Now says she wanted to do more interviews but she was not calling the shots.  Oh wait, Larry just called her out about not coming on her shows before Election Day.

9:13 – Oh snap, Katie released a statement about Palin learning to govern.  Sarah has great respect for her but is rambling about mainstream media.  That damn mainstream media and their commentary and their reporting on candidates.  Please mention bloggers in their pjs!

9:15 – I do not think Larry likes Sarah Palin very much.  He could just be grumpy.

9:18 – McCain on the Tonight Show, something about Mavericks.

9:19 – Here comes the questions about the campaign leaks.  “Unless someone has the guts to put a name on the criticism…”  You know what, I am going to give her that one.  Wait, another commercial. This is getting annoying.

9:21 – Here we go, Obama slamming about the Weather Underground.  Wait for it, wait for it – there it is.  Paling around with domestic terrorist, nothing wrong with talking about that.  She just can not let that one die.  Wait, she is proud of Obama and prays for him.  Rambling about appointing Dems and Reps and something about Alaska.

9:24 – Concession speech, I may love Larry King.  She wanted to say nice words about how freaking great McCain is.  Claiming decided last minute she would not give a concession speech because McCain is “a humble man”.  Or because VP candidates do not give concession speeches.  EVER.

9:25 – “Heck No! I run to win.”  And Larry just mispronounced her name.

9:27 – Oh no, here comes the children question.  It makes me uncomfortable.  Wait never mind, she some how brought up the lies about her own record in the same breath.  Again with Trig rumors, again with it is all worth it.

9:28 – Damn Larry does not like this women.  He asked her directly about Bristol getting pregnant and how she felt when she told her.  Palin – “It is not something to glamorize or condone”.

9:30 – Um Sarah, it was 150,000 of clothes.  There are reports on it.  Can’t lie about that.  Double standard about no one asking who does Biden’s makeup. I do not think the other guys were claiming to be the answer to those Washington elitist.

9:31 – Larry – “Do you pledge to complete your term?” Palin – “I will do what the people of Alaska ask me to do.  My life is in God’s hands.”  So basically – No.

9:33 – Larry – “Thank you finally for the time” – Ha love it!

9:35 – Over and now I can watch Rachel Maddow.


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