ladies and gentlemen, hell has frozen over

“No one lost today….Today is a victory for our country…”

My favorite not my gal Hasselbeck throws her support behind President-Elect Obama.  It starts three minutes in and is something I thought I would never see.


  1. Wow, I had not seen this. Will pigs fly next?

  2. eM

    it did not surprise me

    a few days before the election when Joy Behar showed a postcard the Rethugs were circulating with Obama’s image and the word “terrorist”, Hasselbeck defended it by saying “what’s wrong with that”? I could tell in that moment that she knew exactly what was wrong with it. Also, I believe she would like to keep her job so has to temper her ranting and raving once in a while.
    I still cannot stand her and fast forward past whatever she has to say

  3. m.anne

    Trust me, I still can not stand the women. I am just completely shocked this came out of her mouth — at all. I mean she did accuse Obama of trying to kill all the unborn daughters at the Palin rally she spoke at.

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