Beans Harpoon Palin is My Gal

So, we’re 11 days out.  Before we get to the LOL roundup of the week, can we talk for a second about Senator Joe Biden?  In honor of Zamboni Palin, I ran Joe Biden’s name through the Palin Baby Name Generator.  If Sarah didn’t call him Joe, she’s call him Beans Harpoon.  The poor guy is the perrenial bridesmaid and never the bride. He’s a Feminist. Like our kind of feminist – going to bat for women, time and again. Also, in case you didn’t know, he was a hot papi not too long ago.  (Yeah, that’s him. Rowr.He’s also got really good teeth. I’m glad we had this chat. Now for the LOL roundup.

The Good

A lot was said about Gov. Palin’s shopping spree these last few months.  Turns out it’s expensive to look like a hockey mom, and you can buy a lot with $150,000.   But even in a coat that snazzy, nothing can prepare you for a few curveballs.

Also, turns out you might not want to piss off the trigger-happy Gov if you see her anywhere in the Lower 48, as one Alaskan native points out.

The Funny

David Sedaris is absolutely hysterical and he has this riff for undecided voters.

Chances are a friend sent you this video sometime recently.  The upside is I like the song ‘Hey Delilah’ – and fair warning – it’s almost like being Rick Rolled.  You’ll be humming it all day.  I’m posting the sing-a-long version that’s safe for work (you can find the one with swear words).

And, if that doesn’t make you smile, there’s always Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones, with their uplifting message for America.

The Bad

I don’t know why we can’t be funny when it comes to the Republican candidates.  Even when we try with, say, photoshopping, it just looks, well… Weird. I’m not posting the pic, just follow the link.  Smart Bitches Trashy Books is a great blog, so it’s worth the trip.  Don’t forget to click on the jump.

Thanks for reading Not My Gal.  We’ve had a great first month as a fledgling blog, and we’re thrilled to be kicking ass and taking names for Team Gals all over.  Have a great weekend!!  Get tipsy and get ready for Getting Out The Vote.  And for the love of all things good, Sarah Palin:


  1. OMG the Hey Delilah ditty is hysterical. I am posting this to Facebook.

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