What would you do with $150,000?

Who would have thought a hockey mom from Alaska would be such a fashionista? The Politico’s Jeanne Cummings reports that the Republican National Committee shelled out $150,000 to clothe Governor Palin and her family.  So we took an informal poll of Not My Gal contributors, asked our friends on Twitter and did a little math to figure out what else you could buy with $150,000.  Turns out, you can buy a lot of stuff!

Assuming the average American commutes on average about 60 miles a day $150,000 could buy a commuter gas for 1,200 trips!  Better yet, you could pay off your Prius.  Or buy six of them.

You could renovate your house.  You could pay my rent for ten years.

In some parts of the US you can BUY a house for $150,000.

You could buy:

234,375 condoms

6,750 copies of ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’
320 abortions
6 International adoptions
6,000 cans of baby formula
50,000 clean-delivery kits ensuring safe childbirth
10,000 foil pouches containing antiretroviral drugs for newborns of HIV mothers
6,818 maternity tops from Target (for Bristol), or 10,000 bags of baby diapers.

You could provide healthcare for a family of four for 10 years.

You could by 43,000 gallons of milk, 225,000 rolls of toilet paper, 300 computers for a school, 150 bullet-proof military grade body armor for soldiers.

One of my friends in the healthcare industry told me, 2 years in a comfortable, well equipped nursing home for your grandmother, a years worth of treatment for a person with prostate cancer, or health care for a single person for 34 years.

So, turns out you can buy a whole lot more than a pretty dress or two.


  1. Melissa Wardy

    Oh, Sarah Palin. Maybe we could buy you a one-way ticket to Timbuktu? At least you’d have nice clothes to travel in. Get angry and VOTE people!

    Sarah, you never have been, never will be, my gal.

  2. just saw this quote in the politico article:

    “It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign.”

    ha ha
    i bet she hadn’t heard that until yesterday.
    much like
    “what, we’re pulling out of michigan? awww c’mon guys, let’s shake things up!”

  3. Ali

    I would put it under my mattress for the coming depression – I bet I could live on that money for a good 7-8 years!

  4. m.anne

    I do not know any “Main Street Hockey Moms” that drop that much on clothes in a day or a year.

    So much for being one of us….

  5. JJ

    Any one else look at the photos? Notice the polar bear pin she has on her white shirt in Richmond? Doesn’t she want to kill them? Just curious…

  6. 1. pay my son’s next three years @ boarding school out of the country
    2. pay off all debt
    3. give some to my favorite charity
    4. give some to my (nearly grown) daughter
    5. pay down mortgage so “market value” and amount owed are at least the same.

    Have I used it all up yet? probably!
    Oh, and maybe buy a few (TJ Maxx, Target, Marshall’s) clothes.

  7. Emilia

    I’d donate a big chunck to LGBT rights groups, another chunk to research for an HIV vaccine, another big chunk to rainforest reforestation and maybe keep $500-1000 or so to splurge at Target and H&M and Rag-o-Rama. Also pay off 2 years at culinary school for myself.

    notice Palin didn’t even buy any nice-looking clothes with her 150k. just those gross blazer-skirt combos. If you’re gonna spend that much, at least go all the way and get some beautiful high-quality stuff!

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