Feminism: UR getting it wrong

I was settling down with a glass of wine yesterday evening when my (and everyone else’s) girl crush Rachel Maddow started talking about this little tidbit from Rick Davis on Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning.

Bennett hypothesizes that what drives us (liberal feminists) crazy about Sarah Palin is that she is “very attractive”, “very happy” and “very competent.” Rick Davis, in his infinite wisdom, agrees!

You know what guys? You’re probably right. Those are the real things that are driving us bonkers. Those are the honest to goodness driving forces here at Not My Gal. Deep down inside, we are all a bunch of catty high school girls who not-so-secretly resent the head cheerleader. We’re all a bunch of femi-nazi boner killers (to borrow a phrase from jezebel), sitting under the bleachers smoking pot, listening to Ani Difranco and seething with jealousy over the girl who clearly has it all. Bang, you got us.

I don’t want to insult your intelligence by attacking the arguments of Bennett and Davis. If you are reading this blog, you are probably aware of the myriad reasons why both of them are wrong. However, in response to their assertions that none of us like Sarah Palin because she is attractive, happy and competent, I would like to offer a few counter examples to prove them wrong.

Lets talk about Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan. Gov. Granholm is a Canadian born American (Washington outsider!) who moved to the US with her family in 1963. She is a former Ms. San Carlos (elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist!). She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UC Berkley and Harvard Law. She is the mother of three children. She was the first female governor of Michigan.

She played the part of Senator Palin in Joe Biden’s VP debate preparations. In an interview with Newsweek on this matter, the Governor had the following to say:

I never put the kids or the mom thing out on Front Street because they’re electing an executive. Being a mom clearly demonstrates that you can relate to what people are feeling and experiencing, and you don’t want to hide that because that’s part of why you’d be an effective executive. But you’re not running as a mom, you’re running as an executive, and that’s what [voters] want

Hey guess what? I am totally in LOVE with Jennifer Granholm. And the fact that she is pretty, competent and happy are bonuses in her case. AND she didn’t pimp out her family or use her “fancy pageant walkin'” as a means of getting herself elected.

Next we have Susan Rice. She served on the NSC and is currently a senior policy adviser to Barack Obama. She’s not flashy. She doesn’t spend $150,000 on clothes and doesn’t have a background as Ms. Alaska. However, I would imagine that given her current position she is happy, and competent. She ain’t bad looking either!

Then we have Michelle Obama. Not to overshadow the other nominees for “most anti-Palin woman in Politics today” or anything, but Michelle Obama is the shiznit. She seems happy , she’s pretty (and fashionable!) and I believe that her work as the associate dean of the University of Chicago and her position as the VP of Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago hospitals speaks for itself when it comes to that idea of “competence,” Mr. Davis.

If we apply the Bennett/Davis logic as to why we (liberal feminists) are all up in arms over Sarah Palin, we should feel the same way about the women listed above. So why don’t we, Mr. Davis and Mr. Bennett? Why doesn’t my blood boil at the mention of Michelle or Jennifer or Susan? Because the aforementioned ladies are serious feminists who actually give a crap about women’s rights. I can’t see any of them denying women legal assistance in cases of sexual assault or forcing a woman to disregard her own health for that of an unborn child. That is the fundamental difference here, Mr. Davis: Sarah Palin is not pro-woman. I suggest that Mr. Davis and Mr. Bennett consider that fact the next time they want to resort to playground generalizations when discussing why us “liberal feminists” don’t consider Sarah Palin our gal.


  1. Simon


    “Bennett hypothesizes that what drives us (liberal feminists) crazy about Sarah Palin is that she is “very attractive”, “very happy” and “very competent.” Rick Davis, in his infinite wisdom, agrees!”

    Insinuating that feminists are ugly, sad and stupid–though I am sure we could write some other superlatives, I am assuming that this is not about the words we can hurl (pun intended), but the merits of the individual (or in this case–the lack thereof). Without reading any further I’d be insulted.

    Well written sister!

  2. I saw that too….it’s always so nice to hear it from men who hate feminists how to be the right kind of feminists. Duh.

  3. Kelly

    LOL yes thank you for letting us know what we should say, how we should act, Mr Bennett and Davis.

    Us Feminists love that shit.

  4. As usual, you nailed it.

  5. What a fantastic post – can I copy it? 😉 I’m going to link to it – I’ve been very dormant today – people should watch out. 🙂

  6. m.anne

    I do not know why some people think implying feminist are “ugly” will shut them up. Like they believe all women, no matter their political leanings, place all their value in if people see them attractive.

    Maybe they will start calling us “sluts” since implying we are not attractive has not stopped this site.

  7. Palin is supposed to be here tomorrow morning. I really wanted to gather women from craigslist that are dying to burn their bra’s in-front of her and dress them as horn-rimmed 60’s girls. Then I wanted to have them scream and faint at the sight of Sarah (ala The Beatles).Viva la Revo’stage-production! Is that wrong?


    Further, I wanted to make signs which were to say things like “PALIN for SENATE PREZ?! You Betcha!!1”, “We heart $300 lipstick wearin’ bulldogs!”, and “PLS BURN MY BOOKS, I ONLY NEED ONE!”. With a wheel barrel full of my own books. (Yes, I make sacrifices for stinging sarcasm.)

    Also, I wanted to rent a banana suit.


    But, alas, in the end they moved her expected stage from MSU to the Bass Pro World Headquarters.

    Where they have guns.

    And a firing range.

    And I don’t think the klan members are it-getters.

    Palin protests should be about her idiocy. Her shallowness. And her stank o’evil. But dripping in heavy sarcasm. We need to show her that no-one takes her seriously at this point. (Without dismissing the looming, ominous position she’s in.)

    She’s a joke.

    But, then again, one that seems to embody what we’ve let this nation turn into: fast-food faces in designer overalls.

    Rome is a fiery banjo.

  8. I would prefer not to hate the PitPup but I really feel that the RNC and that PTSD guy put a milf out there for the Joe Sixpacks to drool over. (Were you 20 in the 80s Joe, well do we have a hottie for you…) But even I cannot really fathom what gives with women who think she is competent. Competent in mediocrity? Is she what they aspire to?? Ms Perk and Wink? Or is that what a “feminine” woman as opposed to a feminist is supposed to be? I sure wish no one took her seriously…

    Your post sums it all up.

  9. I have admired Jennifer Granholm for a long time. Thanks for highlighting her. And let’s not forget Jill Biden. I was on a conference call with her, and she was amazing.

  10. I guess feminists are all supposed to be ugly! However, as a feminist, I am unhappy a lot of the time because I am conscious. I like the term “painfully aware.” I don’t hide in the comfortable delusion of religion, unlike Palin.

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