no signs, no water, no chairs if you want to get in to hear Palin speak

what does it mean??

Nothing shows your devotion to a candidate like coming to a rally with a homemade sign — Then having to leave it outside because the campaign is afraid you are going to write something else on it once you are inside and protest.

Because God forbid someone holds a protest in front of Gov. Palin.  We would not want to depress her.  More pictures from the event below.

At the Weirs Beach event, the campaign would not allow handmade signs, official McCain campaign signs you brought, chairs, water, or your dog to this outdoor event.

Full of senior citizens.

With no water or a place to sit.

And she was 40 minutes late.

Continue reading to see all the pro-Palin signs banned from the pro-Palin rally.

couldn't be a Palin event without an ACORN slam

Surprise!  An ACORN sign!

I say 72 is too old to be President.

They ended up letting this one in at the end for her to sign.

Good thing Biden and Palin are not running against each other with 202 people voting.

An older women wanted me to take a picture of this because it is her top issue.  She had to sit outside of the event because she had knee problems and the McCain staff would not let her bring her chair in. There was zero seating inside for the overwhelming senior citizen crowd.

You are not a real Clinton supporter if you like Palin.  NOTHING ALIKE PEOPLE!!

Lipstick.  Original.

Adorable kid, stupid sign.

Yes this is real.  Someone really did this.

No comment.


  1. The diaper is so tacky. I wouldn’t have let that one in either. And no seating?! Way to know your audience. Don’t you think that’s just symbolic of how the McPain ticket would treat all constituents?

  2. In Indianapolis, someone was able to sneak this beaut in:

    “God – guns – SARAH”

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