daily news 10-13

Troopergate, Troopergate, Troopergate (Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post)

Palin omits Obama’s “terrorist ties” from her rally speeches in the spirit of stopping negative attacks.  It lasts until Palin tells crowds Obama does not want women to be “punished with a baby” when addressing his abortion stance.  But she does follow it up by saying “it is not mean spirited” (ABC, New York Times)

Glamoracy asks if women would “hate” Palin if she was a liberal.  Let me answer on my behalf – if she was for any form of women’s equality (ERA!) , did not make rape victims pay for their rape kits, did not say “she tolerates” when she speaks of gay rights, recognized the need to improve our nations health care, stopped implying Obama is UnAmerican because of propaganda that failed to work a year ago, could name a Supreme Court case or a paper she read each day I would not be as scared to have her as number two.  (Glamoracy)

Is Tina Fey “ruining” Sarah Palin?  That makes me love Tina Fey even more. (Jezebel) Update (Huffington Post)

Palin’s own people, hockey fans, are not even happy to see her (nytimes)


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