Palin says “Man” a lot

After looking at word clouds I started thinking about Gov. Palin’s speeches and use of language. While not a perfect comparison, I did wonder how her word use would match up against Senator Clinton’s speech. This is likely inspired by a story I saw on how Clinton Supporters don’t like Palin.

Granted, this might be more of a filter on what the campaign’s speechwriters are up to, rather than any indication of the candidate. But for a moment, let’s be loose about our caveating and interpretation, and just see what might pop up.

So I found a transcript of Senator Clinton’s last speech of the primary. While, again, not a perfect comparison, it is the first time Senator Clinton publicly endorsed Senator Obama. The word cloud looked like this:

I then did the same thing with a recent speech given by Gov. Palin in Florida, on October 6th. Which looked like this:

The first stark difference is how often Senator Clinton says “woman” or “women”, and how often “man” pops for Gov. Palin. Granted, the speeches have different contexts, so perhaps the comparison is not fair. Even still, I think the word usage is of interest.

I used to make these clouds.


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