night clips 10-8

Palin effect not ‘long lasting’ – “The affect of Sarah Palin is not one that has been long lasting in terms of shifting the dynamics of the gender gap,” said Susan J. Carroll, a political science professor at Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics, in a conference call for Women’s Vote Watch.

The Palin rape-kit story has not been “debunked” – Trust me, nothing has been debunked.

Palin plays to conservative base in Florida rallies – Standing before a sea of red T-shirts and homemade signs reading “No Communists!” and “Palin’s Pitbulls,” Ms. Palin on Tuesday nestled in to her Republican base.

Obama hatred on display again at Palin rally – In the latest instance of inflammatory outbursts at McCain-Palin rallies, a crowd member screamed “treason!” during an event on Tuesday after Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of criticizing U.S. troops.

Palin’s secrecy betrays campaign promises – “As soon as the heat comes on, the openness and transparency goes away,” said Anchorage Daily News editorial page editor Matt Zencey.

Palin’s imaginary Washington – Washington, however stuffy it may once have been, is no longer in need of “a little bit of reality from Wasilla Main Street.” Washington is in need of expertise, management experience, long-term thinking and more political courage — from wherever in the country it happens to come.


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