What the Starbucks cup really said

Governor Palin needs to get her designer glasses checked.

Nico Pitney at HuffPo does a great post on the real misquoting of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Albright actually said “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.” Every time Gov. Palin tries to evoke the name, image or support of feminists who have been working on issues completely opposed to her actions and policies, I want to scream out loud. (Often I do, and it’s scaring cubeland.) Given how the polls are doing, I don’t think women voters are falling for it.

Note: I added the “NOT” in front of Albright’s name to indicate that this is my tweaking of the quote. This is highly inspired by what I interpret as the spirit of Albright’s original quote, but of course she didn’t say this. And I hold her original quote very close to my heart.


  1. *begin slow clap.*
    excellent job.

  2. lol. Couldn’t help it. Palin is NOT Team Woman. See what photoshop does to you? 🙂

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