She’s not like us

Let’s think about this.

Governor Palin’s family make a total income that puts them in the top 10% of all American family incomes.  As the Associated Press put it, “Sarah Palin is the breadwinner and husband Todd is, well — he takes a lot of deductions for his fishing and snowmachine racing careers.”

Laura McGann of The Washington Independent reported the Palin family, even though they don’t need it, can apply for free medical care under the Alaska Area Native Health Service, since Todd Palin claims Native American ancestry.

Our friend Cindy at Don’t Gel Too Soon calls it “chicanery” which is the perfect word for the level of personal attacks we’re going to see in the next week.  I guess when the Republican machinery realizes that their being crushed under the weight of their own lies, they start making “character attacks”.

I don’t care how many times you say Maverick and Joe Six Pack, the voters aren’t buying it, Sarah.  Go ahead and admit you’re NOT like us.


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