What was Shelly Mandell THINKING?

Today Feministe posted this video of Shelly Mandell, president of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW, endorsing Sarah Palin as the next Vice President.

Ms. Mandell, can I ask you something? Other than ANWR, what exactly do you and Sarah Palin see eye to eye on? Sarah Palin is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything that NOW holds near and dear. You’re off your meds right?

First off: reproductive rights. Do you know anything about Sarah Palin’s record on this matter? Or are you just SO STOKED to have a woman who shares your reproductive organs in Washington that you are willing to overlook the fact that she is against abortion even in cases of incest or rape?

Oh and then there’s the whole RAPE thing. Need I remind you, Ms. Mandell, that Sarah Palin changed the policy in her hometown of Wasilla such that victims were responsible for paying for the rape kits that would assist in convicting their attackers? What kind of message is that spreading to women? Why are you choosing to turn a blind eye to Sarah Palin’s blatant disregard for women’s or victims’ rights? I’m dumbfounded by your apparent lunacy.

Palin also stood in the way of government funded legal service resources for women who had been victims of sexual assault during her tenure as Governor of Alaska. To sum up: Palin doesn’t really care if you were raped and now you’re pregnant and you are unable to afford legal council to bring the bastard who did this to you to justice. You’re on your own missy. Don’t look to Shelly Mandell’s “sister” Sarah Palin for any sort of help.

You have GOT to be kidding me, Shelly. This is a joke right?

I suggest that Shelly Mandell go back and read her own organization’s statement that essentially opposes the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP. We aren’t going to win any battles for women with a woman like Sarah Palin in Washington and if you think any different, Ms. Mandell, I fear you have another thing coming.


  1. California NOW also released a statement clearly reaffirming support for Obama/Biden, and that Mandell’s use of her LA NOW chapter title when she spoke for Palin was out of line.

  2. Many of us found this shocking. Moreover, did she read ANYTHING about Palin before she got on that stage?

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I was shocked by Mandell’s behavior. I don’t understand how she can support Palin and her use of the LA NOW chapter title is unacceptable. Essentially, Palin opposes everything that NOW stands for. Why is Mandell even a member of the organization?

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