Katie fights back

Well it is with TMZ but still.

Katie Couric was out shopping in midtown with her daughters when she was caught by TMZ over the weekend. The cameraman quickly engaged with the CBS anchor and followed her down the street to ask about the Sarah Palin interview.

Asked what she thinks of Sarah Palin “going after” her, Couric responded:

You know, I, I, don’t know what to say. You know? I think, I feel we did a really good job. We gave her a lot of opportunities, so…

He then asked what magazines and newspapers Couric reads, after Palin failed to name one when asked the same question. Couric showed a sense of humor and responded:

Oh, all of them and any of them. Everyone lies about the Economist, but I actually read it. And I read a lot of magazines and newspapers.

With that, Couric and company went into Tiffany & Co and the video ends


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