White Women Voters Not Fooled by Palin

Ok so polls are polls — I think of them as weather reports and not at all indicative of reality. Said another way, reality (and perception) shift rapidly.
THAT SAID, I did a little happy dance when I saw this recent Gallup poll.

“When Obama gained among all voters, he gained among white women. And when McCain gained among all voters — in the week of Sept. 8-14 in particular — he gained among white women as well. White women appear to have been lifted and set down by the same tidal patterns that affected all voters.

By the week of Sept. 15-21, a rising tide for Obama had in general lifted his strength among white women as much as it did among everyone else. Obama ended last week in a slightly stronger position among white women than was the case as the political conventions began — in fact, coming within 2 points of McCain.”

So rising tides lift all boats, and you know what? We still have 40 days, so GO WORK IT!


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