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Park Avenue Diplomacy – I don’t agree with those muttering darkly that the picture of Gov. Sarah Palin with a perky smile and shapely gams posing with a pleased Henry Kissinger, famous for calling power the ultimate aphrodisiac, is a sign of the apocalypse.

Into the wild of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin once ruled – “She doesn’t believe in science, and her father was a science teacher,” Munger said. “She told me she felt she would see Jesus in her lifetime.”

Mean Girl – Before Sarah Palin decided to run for the Wasilla mayor’s office in 1996 against incumbent John Stein, the Palins and Steins were friends.  But when she announced her candidacy for Stein’s seat, vowing to overturn the city’s “old boy” establishment, a different Sarah Palin emerged. “Things got very ugly,” recalled Naomi Tigner, a friend of the Steins. “Sarah became very mean-spirited.”

Four Questions for Elizabeth Hasselbeck – I’ve heard phrases like “Sarah Palin is the devil.” Why? You tell me what’s devilish about a woman who brings a child into this world with Down’s Syndrome. . .

Palin Meets Heads of States, Becomes Foreign Policy Expert – Sorry to say, but a few sit-downs with foreign leaders does not a second-to-the-commander-in-chief make. The Republicans should know better and stop this farce. Doesn’t Bono have better things to do with his time?

For Palin in New York, a Predabate Introduction to Motorcade Diplomacy – It was Ms. Palin’s introduction to motorcade diplomacy, a lightning round of meetings and photo opportunities designed to portray Ms. Palin — who lacks much in the way of foreign policy experience, has traveled abroad little and had not met a foreign head of state before Tuesday — at ease with world leaders.


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