extra extra – the daily news for 9/22

McCain claims to close gap on women

Since picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has obliterated what had been a 34-percentage-point deficit in a poll of likely women voters on the question of which candidate has a “better understanding of women and what is important” to them.

Palin Claims “Obama-Biden Democrats” Are Regularly Attacking Her Family, But…

The McCain camp has just blasted out to its list a fundraising email by Sarah Palin claiming that Obama-Biden Democrats are waging frequent attacks on her family. I didn’t remember any attacks on Palin’s family from Obama, Biden, or their top supporters. So I asked the McCain campaign what this was a reference to.

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits

Jerry McCutcheon went to Sarah Palin’s office here last week to request information about the firing of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, the scandal that for weeks has threatened to overshadow the governor’s role as Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate. McCutcheon was given a phone number in Virginia to call: the national headquarters of the McCain-Palin campaign. Why, he wanted to know, did he have to call a campaign office 4,300 miles away to find out what was going on in Alaska government?

Sarah Palin hurting Palin Syrah sales

Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin might not be fond of San Francisco, but one San Francisco wine bar is fond of Palin Syrah. Or rather, it was.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Why is Sarah Palin granting so few interviews?  JOHN McCAIN selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate 23 days ago. Since then, Ms. Palin has not held a single news conference with the national media. She has answered only a handful of questions from voters and reporters. She sat down for a lengthy discussion with one nonpartisan interviewer, ABC’s Charles Gibson, and granted another interview to conservative Sean Hannity of Fox News, as well as a sit-down with People magazine and some interviews with Alaska media. Where Dick Cheney made the rounds of five news shows the weekend after he was tapped by George W. Bush, Ms. Palin has not turned up on a single Sunday program.

McCain Camp Blasts NYT and the Media, “Where’s the Outrage?”

The McCain campaign held a conference call with reporters today, ostensibly to discuss a new ad the campaign is putting out. But lead strategist, Steve Schmidt, used it as an opportunity to scold the assembled reporters for what he said is a lack of scrutiny of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


  1. rachelbirds

    At some point this will
    all blow-up in McCain’s face —
    that’ll be a good day.


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